The Great Hot Dog Cookoff Returns!!

Think you've seen all that a hot dog can be? Think again. The Great Hot Dog Cookoff at Kelso Brewing Company on July 23rd will showcase 24 amateur chefs serving up their most inventive versions of this iconic American treat. No dirty water dogs here - instead expect creative topping combinations inspired by ethnic cuisine like Korean or Caribbean, and unusual buns or no buns at all, like 2009's hot dog ravioli.

Early reports indicate that there will also be a lot of hot dogs arriving "in the style of" other foods. Not to give anything away, but we're talking inventions like "pizza dogs" - maybe the wiener is wrapped and grilled with pepperoni then served with marinara sauce and mozzarella on an Italian hero.  I just made that up, but doesn't sound bad, right? Expect much better, because the chefs this year are going to blow your mind with their hot dog masterpieces.

You'll need something to wash down all those hot dogs you're stuffing your face with and Kelso Beer Company will keep the suds flowing along with pop made on-site by P&H Soda using SodaStream. Try locally made condiments by My Friend's Mustard, Rick's Picks and more, and don't forget dessert: SoCo Creamery will be dishing out samples of their amazing ice cream.

George Duran, hot dog-lover and host of TLC's Ultimate Cake-Off, will MC the event, while DJ Rabbi Darkside spins sweet summertime tunes. Even in broad daylight, this annual cookoff has turned into a dance party by the end of the afternoon on several occasions, so bring your I-just-might-dance-even-though-I'm-totally-stuffed shoes.

Best of all, the event is a fundraiser for the Food Bank for New York City. Each ticket entitles the bearer to an afternoon of hot dogs and beer, great music and a chance to vote for their favorite in the Audience Award category. All proceeds from ticket sales after expenses go to the charity, so you can feel good about helping fight hunger while eating great food and drinking great beer!

Did I mention that Applegate Farms is sponsoring the hot dogs this year?! Amazing! They're organic and they taste great!

Tickets are going fast - grab 'em here: TICKETS

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff
July 23rd @ 2 pm
Kelso Beer Company
529 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238


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